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Obelix & Asterix - Obelix and his Menhir Figurine

Obelix & Asterix  - Obelix and his Menhir Figurine
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Asterix & Obelix- Figurine 'Obelix and his Menhir'

Obelix is a fictional character from the French comic book series Asterix. He works as a menhir sculptor and deliveryman, and is Asterix's best friend. Obelix is noted for his fatness, the menhirs he carries around on his back and his superhuman strength. He is the only Gaul in Asterix's village who is permanently superhumanly strong since he fell into a cauldron of magic potion when he was a baby. Because of Obelix's already enormous strength, he is not allowed to drink the magic potion ever again, a ban he regards as being tremendously unfair. Other characteristics are his simple-mindedness, his love and care for his dog Dogmatix, his anger when someone refers to him as being "fat", his enthusiasm for hunting and eating wild boars and beating up Romans.


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