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Disneyland Paris Hotel Scent

Disneyland Paris Hotel Scent
Disneyland Paris Hotel Scent Disneyland Paris Hotel Scent
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Dispatched on 27th May

Disneyland Hotel Scent

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If you have ever had the wonderful opportunity of going to Disneyland Paris, then the chances are you stayed at the sensational Disneyland Hotel! I assume you remember walking along the corridors and down the extravagant staircases with wonderfully vintage décor surrounding you and the one question that couldn’t stop crossing your mind; what is that delightful scent? Well, no need to thank us but you can now own this fragrance yourselves! This is not only a luxury but a necessity to have in your own home! Be the envy of your friends and family when they walk into your home and are greeted by a fresh, aromatic and welcoming essence!

This spray only needs 1 puff to fill a room and lasts for hours. This means that the bottles last ages. It is hard to get as it is only sold in the hotel and is regularly out of stock.

This is a home fragrance


In a Box

Disneyland Paris Authentic


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